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Sliding gate

Up to now Alderman manufactures only gates from steel: the general advantage of steel gates from aluminium gates is
* more esthetical appearance,
* lower price and
* stronger and more rigid construction that bears out a smaller coming into collision with a car: it is possible to bend back the steel gate, aluminium gate must be changed.

Alderman's sliding gates have also other advantages:
1. freeze- resistance which has been achieved by using a closed inner-pipes support rollers system (at aluminium gates often the upper support rollers are open),
2. a long maintenance-free exploitation which has been achieved by using support rollers from special steel and maintenance-free humidity-resistance bearings (Alderman does not use cheaper support rollers from kapron because their smaller wear-resistance in our relatively dusty environment),
3. the rollers are hidden and they move tightly inside the gate frame which guarantees a perfect, silent and smooth movement of the gate in the stretch of the whole gate,
4. special rollers - rollers are manufactured individually for each gate which guarantees their better fitness and the smallest frictional force. The result: even a big gate weighing several hundred kilos opens and closes when pushed slightly with a hand.
5. an elegant construction - the usage of special rollers and a construction of the frame of the gate enables to decrease the measures of the support pipes of the frame up to two times without the decrease of the rigidity of the gate which guarantees a beautiful and esthetical appearance of the gate.

The biggest advantages of the Alderman's sliding gate from the wing gates come forth especially clearly in winter when the snow having snowed at night or sleet frozen by morning does not make obligatory "morning exercises with a snow -shovel an a crow-bar". And a strong wind does not compel to strain one's force in order to move the gate.Alderman's gates and details have been covered with a weather-resistant quality paint or zinc in order to prevent rusting. The gate needs for installation and extra space the width of the opening of which is + 1.5-2m, depending on the measures of the gate. It is possible to complete all the gates with a gate automatics.

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